Saturday, January 28, 2012

Opera Mini Mod 4.21 Beta 15

Opera Mini Mod 4.21 Beta 15 Released with lots of Features!!!

[Added] Modified Fixedb15
*.24.01.12 "NoTouch"-version (opera-mini-4.21.15_notouch.jar) with a disabled module for touch screens.
*.01/12/12 To link button.The color,select [Menu: The base color of buttons, links] replaced the [Menu:Background: middle].From this color is computed button color references.
*.11/01/12 Separate setting the font size for Wirth.the keyboard.
*.9.1.12 Notification after downloading the official loader (boot loader configuration parameters of fashion).
*.9.1.12 To change touchscreen available style home page and menus (large buttons, links).

[Edit] Fixedb15
*.01/24/12 Change of rendering theposition number for the express panel, a list of FTP-accounts, the list of hot.
*.01/24/12 When the interface buttons, links in the express bar when loading the page titles and icons loaded miniature, not the favicon.
*.01/15/12 Change font color rendering of folders and bookmarks in the template.
*.01/15/12 Change of rendering input fields and buttons in user mode.
*.01/15/12 Conversations Yes \ No(except for removal) reissued in overlay with buttons for touch screens and commands at the lower border of the others.
*.On 1/12/12 at virt.klaviature long hold the stylus on the button that has a second meaning, color and character style, the button changes to active.
*.11/01/12 In Wirth.pulling the stylus keyboard is allocated a new key, and there is no reset.
*.9.1.12 In-Ftp file managers, bookmarks, templates, history, cache view, the presence of selected files / folders, the centralteam has signed the "Select".
*.09/01/12 Removed server
*.1.6.12 The internal name of the program changed from"ragemosh" on "accentports", did not appear to post an update.
*.4.1.12 Program for devices with screens up to 480 or 640 pixels pervaoy installation set with the largest font.
*.03/01/12 Click to directly enter the address, search and change the server's team added the "List".
*.1.1.12 In the image viewer stylus movement from left to right, following previous open an image (only when the image size smaller than your screen).
*.28/12/11 Change display a list of hot.
*.28/12/11 cursors with shadow or not displayed depending on the setting "Show shadow."
*.28/12/11 Changed in hot conditions a user-mode mobile species, direct input, display cursor stored in the settings.
*.28/12/11 Link to the channels removed from the home page (also removed the image from grafpaka).Now, a reference to the channels added as a separate link to the Express-panel editing."Hot" [* 0] Express panel moved on 10u processing references.The numbering of references Express panel at home.

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