Wednesday, January 11, 2012

March of Heroes (by Gameloft SA)(+23)

Jump into the Cold War’s most terrible conflicts in this exciting and over-the-top shooter game. Enjoy fast-paced action and stunning graphics through 9 chapters set across the globe from Vietnam and Saigon to the Afghan mountains. Play as two special ops soldiers and take down enemies with a large arsenal of spectacular weapons like a grenade launcher or a flamethrower. Experience a variety of gameplay like a helicopter airstrike, stealth sequences and even an underwater level.

* Experience the Cold War’s most terrible conflicts through thrilling missions.
* Take on 9 chapters that will lead you from the Vietnamese rice fields to the depths of the sea.
* Enjoy a variety of gameplay: cover-based shooting, stealth infiltration and helicopter air strikes.
* Use a large arsenal made up of spectacular weapons like a grenade launcher and flamethrower
* Play as 2 different characters and fight as a member of a special ops unit.

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Downloading Links:
Nokia 128x128 s40v2 (103kb)
Nokia 128x160 s40v2 (111kb)
Nokia 128x160 s40v2 (273kb)
Nokia 176x208 s60v2 (305kb)
Nokia 240x320 s40v3 (944kb)
Nokia 240x320 s40v6 (361kb)
Nokia 240x320 s60v3 (987kb)
Nokia 240x320 s60v3 (1.0mb)
Nokia 320x240 s40v6 (970kb)
Nokia 320x240 E71 (983kb)
Nokia 360x640 s60v5 (2.1mb)

Sony Erickson:
SE 176x220 (1.3mb)
SE 240x320 (1.5mb)
SE 240x432 (1.0mb)
SE 360x640 (2.2mb)

Samsung 128x160 (271kb)
Samsung 176x220 (177kb)
Samsung 240x320 (363kb)
Samsung 240x320 TS (996kb)
Samsung 240x400 TS (1.0mb)
Samsung 240x400 TS i900 (1.1Mb)
Samsung 400x800 TS (3.3mb)

Lg 240x400 TS KP500 (1.0mb)


  1. Look like modern combat 2 but have more hardness, graphics and action.Also no cheat.cheats are game spoilar.

    1. I totally agree with you. But they have no good sound, but great graphics!

  2. have the game cheats?


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