Sunday, September 11, 2011

Gameboy (Meboy) Pokemon Collection (+54) (update)

MeBoy is a Gameboy / Gameboy Color emulator that emulates .gb and .gbc roms to .jar format. MeBoy has a Scale To Fit function and therefore works on all phones that support java games. MeBoy may be slow but works faster if Frame Skip is changed to 8. Works best on all Nokia and Sony Ericsson phones. All games below are MeBoy Games.

I am just sharing this master piece of cake. Sources vary & I am not Uploader. Some of them are old and some of them are new.

Credits: *Gran*

Gotta Download 'em All:
Pokemon Platinum (834kb) New!
Pokemon Ice Sapphire (786kb) New!
Pokemon Deoxys Entei Raikou (816kb) New!
Pokemon Victini Minum Plusle (815kb) New!
Pokemon Yellow Advanced 2010 (587kb) New!
Pokemon World of Changes 4in1 (2.5mb) New!
Pokemon Silver Dreams (1.2mb)
Pokemon Thunder Yellow (587kb)
Pokemon Orange Islands (454kb)
Pokemon Gold Expert 2010 (819kb)
Pokemon Team Rocket RoR (1.1mb)
Pokemon Special Kanto Quest (818kb)
Pokemon Crystal All (1.1mb)
Pokemon Trading Card Game (505kb)
Pokemon Pikachu Edition gbc by GraN (1.1mb)
Pokemon Yellow (567kb)
Pokemon Blue Enhanched (454kb)
Pokemon generations (420kb)
Pokemon revolution (420kb)
Pokemon Rare Crystal (1096kb)
Pokemon Legendary Birds (815kb)
Pokemon Dbz Edition (420kb)
Pokemon 2004 (980kb)
Pokemon Eon (812kb)
Pokemon Topaz (806kb)
Pokemon Crystal (1138kb)
Pokemon Silver (820kb)
Pokemon Gold (797kb)
Pokemon Reds Revenge Beta (1.1mb)
Pokemon Prism 2010 (1mb)
Pokemon Prism (920kb)
Pokemon Silver Advance (806kb)
Pokemon Sterling Silver (803kb)
Pokemon Brown 2009 (657kb)
Pokemon Brown 2004 (463kb)
Pokemon Red (435kb)
Pokemon Green (450kb)
Pokemon Rare Green (532kb)
Dragon Warrior Monsters (830kb)
Dragon Warrior Monsters 2 Cobi's (1.3mb)
Dragon Warrior Monsters 2 Tara's (1.3)
Dragon Warrior III (2.0mb)
Pokemon Legends (1.0mb)
Pokemon Ultimate (1.1mb)
Pokemon DarkFuture (1.1mb)
Pokemon White (420kb)
Pokemon Flaming (1mb)
Pokemon Celebi_sp (822kb)
Pokemon red,yellow,blue (1.3mb)
Pokemon Black (420kb)
Pokemon Pink (420kb)
Pokemon Crystal-Patch (1.1mb)
Pokemon Puzzle Challenge (731kb)
Pokemon Pinball (364kb)


  1. Can you gather all to one link and upload to Mediafire or other host :D. I want to download all :D.

    1. Well i can't upload the collected files (it will be around 30 or 40 mb i suppose) and my Internet is dialup lol can't upload that bigger file. I am sorry there :o

  2. Why cannot i download dragon warrior monster cobi adventure?when finish the download it say this file is to bigger?sorry bad english?(^_^)

    1. Oh that file is bigger than 1mb. Download it using UC browser 8. The normal browser doesn't download any .jar file which is more than 1mb. You can find it on

  3. Why i cannot download game using the uc browser?while i download the game it done!but it cannot play?the game size not same?srry my bad english?

    1. have you renamed _jar file to .jar? and plus, if game won't work, minimize frame rate in games option to run game on lower phones.

  4. Hi!may i ask something!about this meboy game(pokemon pikachu edition by gran)how to go vermellion city?plz help?srry my bad english!(^_^)

  5. Sorry wrong!not vermillion city but vielot city?srry

    1. Well i didn't play those games, so i can't really help you buddy. and also sadly there are no walkthroughs available over net :o

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  7. The game stops when i'm in sprout tower, what should i do?(pokemon platinum hack)

  8. this is all a fake


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