Friday, April 29, 2011

Thor: Son of Asgard (Disney) (10+17)

Loki infamous plan to take over Asgard, was unexpected consequences. You must defend Asgard against the invasion army Malekith! Play as Thor and rules the mighty Mjolnir. Explore three unique worlds, fighting in epic battles for Asgard against villains such as Malekith, Amora, course and Ulika! Unlock and use powerful magic attacks to defeat enemies and bosses in 13 napakowanych action levels. Includes new Arena Survival mode, in which Thor must survive waves of enemy attacks.

Downloading Links:
Nok 176x208s60v2 (206kb)
Nok 208x208s40v3 (285kb)
Nok 240x320s40v5 (417kb)
Nok 240x320s60v3 (730kb)
Nok 320x240s60v3 (515kb)
Nok 320x240s60v3 (525kb)
Nok 360x640s60v5 (883kb)

Sony Ericsson:
SE 240x320 (419kb)
SE 240x320 (758kb)
SE 176x220 (400kb)
SE 176x220 (175kb)
SE 240x432 (526kb)
SE 360x640 (884kb)
SE 480x800 (869kb)

Sam 240x320 s5600 (447kb)
Sam 240x400 i900 (729kb)
Sam 240x400 s5230 (445kb)
Sam 480x800 x1 (802kb)

LG 240x320 ks360 (429kb)
LG 240x400 gw520 (261kb)
LG 240x400 kp500 (447kb)
LG 320x240 gw300 (430kb)

Moto 240x320 (442kb)

BlackBerry 320x240 (242kb)
BlackBerry 480x800 (487kb)


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